Kuan Yin Crown Chakra blessings are a high level light, offered only through Certified Kuan Yin Lineage holders, to transform negative information, energy and matter in an area of your life.

You will receive a personal spiritual reading upon applying, and be provided with your unique registration link based on the current situation.

This blessing is great for supporting to transform challenges, or to bring more light and positive information, energy and matter to enhance an area of your life. 


WHAT TO EXPECT: After booking your Akashic Reading session, you can add on any of these additional transmission to be received at the same time. 

If you would like to bring healing and transformation to a relationship, this is a perfect transmission to support that process.

Many people wish to experience greater harmony, heal past traumas or simply bring more love and connection into their relations.

This transmission brings a very high frequency and vibration with positive information into the field of one relationship, and can be activated throughout your lifetime to transform negative information to positive information.

This is a MUST for new relationships, breakups, family harmony, workplace harmony, relationships with children, your beloved and many more relations.

If you are having challenges in your personal finances, there is negative information in the field of your personal finances. To receive this transmission, is to receive a high level of that negative information transformed, and to bring additional spiritual light and virtue into the field of your finances.

You can connect to this Tao Light Transmission throughout your life to bless your personal finances, to bring greater flourishing and to heal and transform your finances.

Our financial health is directly related to our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. To heal and transform our finances is to heal and transform our life.

This is a great step to accelerate your financial healing and flourishing journey.


Spiritual protection is an important part of our daily life in all our interactions with others, the world and those which exist within our own heart and mind.

To receive a spiritual protection package, is to receive a light field transmitted to you to deflect negativity and increase the light in your being.

This spiritual protection is a ‘next level’ up from what you currently experience in daily life, and can empower you in your daily living to have more stamina and vitality as well in your healing practice and relations with others.

We often pick up information throughout the day on social media, in conversations, in working environments and more... so this helps our field to remain at a high frequency and vibration and deflect lower vibrational frequencies from entering our field of light. 

The Shen Channel is a pathway in the body.

It starts simultaneously at two points:

  • The Bai Hui
    acupuncture point and 
  • The Hui Yin
    acupuncture point.

This is a pathway of immortality.

The Qi Channel is a pathway in the body with the potential to heal all sickness.

The Qi Channel starts at the Hui Yin acupuncture point and moves up the central channel to the Bai Hui acupuncture point and from there turns down the Wai Jiao to the first soul house (root chakra).

The Jing Channel is a pathway in the body for rejuvenation
and longevity.

The Jing Channel starts at the Hui Yin point and moves up the back through an invisible hole in the tailbone, up the spinal cord to the brain and Bai Hui point and from there it flows down the central channel to the Hui Yin point.

This could be a Tao Light Transmission for one of the five major foundational energy centers in the body:

  • Lower Dan Tian
  • Snow Mountain Area
  • Message Center
  • Zu Qiao or
  • Third Eye 


If you need support please email [email protected]